AP & Honors For Engineering Courses:              

  • Audio Engineering
  • Engineering Design/CAD
  • Aviation Engineering and Technological Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Technical Engineering


VAANT Academy works with Vaughn College. Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology will provide a culture of excellence in which rigorous degree, professional; technical and certification programs are offered. These programs, built on our aeronautical heritage, will incorporate the latest technology and meet the universal needs of the industries they serve. The result will be well-educated graduates who are trained, qualified and successful in their fields.3

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology is dedicated to providing a distinctive education to a diverse population of students. Our mission is to create an environment that cultivates personal growth and leadership in preparation for successful careers. Vaughn College is committed to:

  • Maintaining a culture of excellence that is conducive to learning, which enables students, faculty and staff to achieve their fullest personal, professional and career potential.
  • Providing students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to achieve professional success in their chosen careers, integrating technology into academic programs while emphasizing communication and analytical skills.
  • Instilling in our students the professional and civic values that will make them outstanding contributors to society; educating students about how to be responsible citizens, whose integrity, personal values and high ethical standards will be emulated within the community.
  • Ensuring academic excellence by recruiting and developing an outstanding faculty and instructional staff, encouraging the pursuit of research and other professional development activities that extend the body of scientific knowledge and its practical application to societal and industrial needs.
  • Serving the industries that employ our graduates by providing an innovative curriculum responsive to changing needs, covering a broad spectrum, from leading-edge certification and training to baccalaureate aviation, management, engineering and engineering technology degree programs.
  • Providing an administration that is responsive to the daily and long-term management issues that ensure an environment of excellence in learning.
  • Welcoming men and women from all racial, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds to join our students, faculty, staff and trustees in support of the vision and mission.