Team Teaching

Team Teaching’ by Teachsport allows class teachers, teaching assistants and senior management, the opportunity to shadow one of our senior Sports, Gymnastics and Dance coaches and work with them on a tailor made scheme of work.

Our coaches will help create a curriculum map for your school. All of our Team Teaching programmes are written with the individual school, to meet specific needs and teaching requirements of your school.

Our coach will deliver the first 3 sessions of a half term and will work alongside the class teacher for the next 2 sessions; providing professional PE assessments of each individual child in the final week(s) of the half term.

Each class teacher will receive a Team Teaching ‘Pack’. This pack will include schemes of work, assessment sheets,accelerator cards, evaluation forms & PE teaching ideas.

In addition to class based teaching, we can also provide staff insets. These can be staff meetings/twilights or at external venues. Again these can be tailor-made for your school. Our Team Teaching programme has been designed to address the outcomes outlined within the new Ofsted regulations for the Primary School Sports Funding.

The advantages of Team Teaching over traditional training are that the teaching is ‘Live’. We are teaching the exact children the teacher will be, so we will develop sessions and games depending on the wants and needs of a particular class, using the school’s own available space and resources.


Why choose ‘Team Teaching’?

–      6 weeks ‘Scheme of Work’ to be given to the Teacher of each class.

–      Teachsport tutor will take the first 3 sessions (ideally 1 full day per week) of each half term, showing progression of lesson Coaching Points and Learning Outcomes etc. (basically an Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ PE lesson).

–      Teachsport tutor will complete individual session plans covering the rest of the half term, to be given to the relevant teacher(s).

–      Teachsport tutor will return for the last 3 sessions of the term (ideally 1 day per week) to assess and evaluate the school teacher during their PE lesson.

–      The initial sessions taken by the Teachsport tutor, are designed to give the school teacher an idea of what content to include in each of the following sessions and the quality of delivery required to receive an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted grading.

–      The last sessions of each half term will be ‘observation’ sessions where the Teachsport tutor will watch the class teacher take the PE lesson and then deliver ‘Twilight’ training, focusing on all the areas needed for improvement (a 1 or 2 hour staff meeting after school).

–      Further support during and after the Team Teaching sessions are available to school staff throughout the year.